Meet the Pastor

Dr. Claudius MorganPastor Dr Claudius Morgan, a national of St. Vincent is one of the leading evangelists in the Inter American Division and the World Church.

Presently serving as the Assistant to the President of the Caribbean Union with responsibility for Evangelism, Training and Development he is also the Communication Director of the Caribbean Union. He is a member of the Evangelism Council of the General Conference and has authored one book, Preaching the Good News.

Pastor Morgan has so far led 20,000+ people to Christ and established 15 churches in the Caribbean and North America. He is one of the few evangelists in the World Church who effectively combines singing and preaching in his ministry.

Pastor Morgan’s ministry website provides resources for Adventist ministry and is the largest known Adventist Ministry resources collection in the English Caribbean. Visit the Good News Explosion webpage for more information.

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And our team...

This evangelism event is not a single person and the core team comprises several individuals across the Caribbean Union offering a range of skill sets including video production, technology professionals, digital marketing specialist, graphic artists, pastors, conference personnel and more.

Every member of the Caribbean Union, every visitor is encouraged to play your part by sharing all social media posts, spreading the word and let others know of the Good News of salvation being shared in the campaign!